Burgeree™ is a high density needle punched and compressed polyester acoustic panel designed to control unwanted noise in interior spaces and provide a decorative surface that can also serve as a tackable notice board wall. Burgeree™ is solid colour all the way through which means it can be cut and fitted with out edge trims. The material is very adaptable and Asona can water cut shapes and patterns in the board for decorative effect.
Burgeree™ is an ideal acoustic finish for wall linings in open plan offices, schools, call centres, libraries etc.
Manufactured from 100% polyester fibres without chemical binders.


Effective sound absorption, NRC 0.55
Tackable surface, ideal for office & school environments
Light weight and easily fabricated & installed on site
Broad range of colours
Can be cut and machined for decorative effects
100% polyester, recycled at end of use
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