• Close up of Zeus 15 rebated installed into a open plan meeting area
    Health Alliance HQ - Zeus 15
  • Schnieder HQ showing detail of Zeus 15 installed into a grid & tile ceiling
    Schnieder HQ - Zeus 15
  • Rotorua Hospital reception area showing Zeus 15 installed into the grid & tile ceiling
    Rotorua Hospital Reception - Zeus Duo 25

Zeus™ is an imported 15 mm thick ISO class B high density rock wool ceiling panel designed to provide an economical acoustical suspended ceiling for control of reverberation and background noise levels in offices. Zeus has an attractive fine textured paint finish and coated edge.

Zeus Duo 25™ is 15 mm thick ISO class B high density rock wool ceiling panel with a 10 mm 740 kg/m³ plasterboard attenuator backer designed to provide good sound absorption and attenuation for control of reverberation and transmitted noise.


Zeus™ is ideal for corporate and general office ceilings where an economical accessible acoustic ceiling is desired. Suitable for air return plenum applications.

Zeus Duo 25™ will attenuate rain noise under metal roofs, plenum noise from A/C ducts, provides room to room privacy with ceiling over partition heads and will reduce reverberation times in offices, corridors and meeting rooms.


Manufactured from high density 180 kg/m³ dry felt resin bonded rockwool with AS60 fine texture painted glass mat facing, plain glass tissue backer and sealed and coated edges.

Zeus Duo 25™ is combined with a high mass 10mm 740 kg/m³ plasterboard attenuator backer, sealed and coated edges.


Economical acoustic ceiling panel.
Durable coated edges (rebated or square), ideal for frequent access.
600 x 600 and 600 x 1200 mm tiles.
Fine textured micro porous paint finish.
Balanced acoustics, NRC 0.60 - 0.80
High light reflectance, ASTM C1477 LR-1, >75% White.

Technical Drawings

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