Knauf-Danoline Designpanel™

Knauf-Danoline Designpanel™

Designpanel™ is a high-quality press punch perforated plasterboard acoustic sheet lining for ceiling and walls where a seamless, monolithic aesthetic is desired.

Designpanel™ is available in a range of sheet sizes, perforation shapes, and open area with tapered edges four sides for superior plastering to a smooth monolithic finish ready for painting.

Designpanel™ incorporates Cleaneo™ air purification technology for control of VOC’s. 


Designpanel™ is an ideal perforated lining to control noise reverberation in office, meeting rooms, libraries, hotels, malls, halls, receptions, retail, civic buildings and galleries. 


Panels manufactured from paper faced high grade reinforced gypsum with sound absorption felt fixed on the back. 

Four sides tapered with 60-62mm border for ease of installation and stronger crack resistant joins.
Fire Group 1-S.
Perforations are press punched for a superior clean monolithic finish.
Quadril 12 x 12 mm square perforation for a bold look.
Micro M2F 3 x 3 mm square perforation for a discrete look.
Tangent 4 x 14 mm oblong perforation for a linear look.
Globe 6 mm diameter perforation for a classic look.
Good sound absorption for control of reverberation noise.
Durable finish, easy to repaint and repair.
Ideal for a healthy comfortable indoor environment.
Air purification feature, Cleaneo™ technology.
Available in 900- and 1200-mm wide sheets.


Knauf Danoline Designpanel™ Datasheet
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