• Cafe - Sonaspray in grey
    Cafe - Sonaspray in grey
  • Cafe - Sonaspray in white
    Cafe - Sonaspray in white
Sonaspray™ is a spray applied acoustic texture designed to provide a high sound absorbing finish to ceilings and high-level walls. NRC options 0.60-0.95 depending on thickness.
Sonaspray™ is an ideal solution for achieving the desired spatial acoustics with the appropriate reverberation time to any shaped space.
Sonaspray™ is a natural cellulose fibre with fire retardant treatment. B.s2.d0 classification = Fire Group 1-S
High sound absorption for effective control of reverberation
Follows the shape of the substrate - arches, domes etc
Naturally pure, environmentally friendly product
Fast time-saving application
Available in white, arctic white, black and special colours to order.
Adds little height or thickness to your project


Asona Sonaspray Datasheet
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