Auckland District Courts

  • Auckland District Courts - Triton Duo 60 + Sonaris S7
    Auckland District Courts - Triton Duo 60 + Sonatex S7-75
  • Auckland District Courts - Baffle Panels
    Auckland District Courts - Baffle Panels
Case Studies
Auckland District Courts
Opus Architects selected Asona Triton Duo 60™ composite absorber/ attenuator ceiling panels with Sonaris™ #S7-75 slot perforated white on grey facing for the new Auckland District Courtrooms. The panels provide high sound absorption (NRC 0.95) and high transmission loss (STC 22dB) to control room acoustics and the linear aesthetic helps focus attention on the judges position. The panels lay into a standard 600 x 600 mm exposed grid for easy access to plenum services. Out in the open foray area, Opus designed hanging Baffle Panels made from 40mm acoustic glass fibre cores completely wrapped on all 4 edges, front & back in white Sonatex™ to control all the noise from the constant foot traffic coming from this area. Architects: Opus Architects Ltd. Ceiling Installer: Forman Commercial Interiors Ltd. Manufacturer: Asona
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