Asona Plasterboard Tiles

  • Balmoral School Auditorium showing detail of Diffusion in conjunction with Classroom 60/40 ceiling panels
    Balmoral School Auditorium - Diffusion
  • Sunnyvale School showing Diffusion installed into the auditorium
    Sunnyvale School - Diffusion
  • Sunnyvale School showing  a detail section of Diffusion installed into the auditorium
    Sunnyvale School - Diffusion
  • Gypclean Panel
    Gypclean Panel
Asona Plasterboard Tiles

Diffusion™ is a robust sound reflecting ceiling panel designed to compliment the Triton™ range of sound absorbing ceiling panels. With the same crisp Sonatex™ finish, Diffusion™ can be mixed & matched with Triton™ absorber panels to enhance speech clarity, intelligibility and the tonal qualities of played music.

Gypclean™ is a vinyl faced plasterboard ceiling panel designed to provide a durable easy to clean hygiene panel for general ceilings where sound absorption is not required. Available in a range of colours, wood grain finishes.


Diffusion™ is ideal for use in music rooms as well as traditional didactic style teaching spaces, lecture theatres and some classroom settings where it is desirable for the teachers voice to be projected to the back of the room.

Gypclean™ is ideally suited for corridors, retail and hospitality environments.


Diffusion™ panels manufactured from fire resistant Sonatex™ 250 kg/m³ composite facer laminated to a 750 kg/m³ 10 mm thick plasterboard backer panel. Made in New Zealand.

Gypclean™ panels manufactured from 10 mm gypsum board vacuum laminated with vinyl facing and foil backing with plain edge trim.


Diffusion: pre-finished white Sonatex™ dual layer composite facer for matching finish to Triton™ absorber panels.
Hard core for early sound reflections, NRC 0.10.
Diffusion™ can be matched with Triton™ absorber panels to enhance speech intelligibility.
Gypclean: Easy clean vinyl finish, economical hygiene panel.
Standard white or select from a range of coloured PVC facings.


Diffusion Datasheet
Gypclean Datasheet
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