Technical Library

Technical Library
Product Specification Data sheet Drawings
AO-Gami Download PDF
Asona Renew Download PDF
Diffusion Download PDF
Fabric Selection Woven Image - Airport Shade Card Vivid - Feel Shade Card Laine - Suzette Shade Card Textilla - Feista Shade Card Textilla - Quantum Shade Card Textilla - Bungee/Mac Shade Card Rim - Trilogy Shade Card
Fire Test Data Fire Test Data
Gypclean Download PDF
Knauf-Danoline Belgravia™ Download PDF
Knauf-Danoline Contrapanel™ Download PDF Contrapanel - Wall Mounting Contrapanel Globe perforation
Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel, Solopanel, Designpanel Download PDF REVO Access Hatches Stratopanel/Solopanel Installation PDF Stratopanel/Solopanel - 001 Perimeter Solution Stratopanel/Solopanel - 002 Expansion Joints Stratopanel/Solopanel - 003 Wall Connection Designpanel - globe perforation Designpanel - micro perforation Designpanel - quadril perforation Designpanel - tangent perforation
MetaPan C Series Download PDF
MetaPan P Series Download PDF
MetaPan UL Series Download PDF
OWA Oriental™ Download PDF
OWA Sinfonia Balance™ Download PDF
OWA Sinfonia C™ Download PDF
OWA Sinfonia Humancare™ Download PDF
OWA Sinfonia™ Download PDF
Polyfon 40™ Download PDF
Polyfon Mesh™ Download PDF
Pyramid 3D Download PDF Pyramid 3D mounting option
Quicklock™ Download PDF
Snaptex Download PDF Snaptex - Wall fixing Snaptex - Curved wall detail Snaptex - Negative detail Snaptex - Internal corners Snaptex - Negative join Snaptex - System 13 standard section Snaptex - System 25, expressed negative join Snaptex - System 50, pencil line join Snaptex - System 25 penetrations Snaptex - System 50 external corners Snaptex - external corners Snaptex - horizontal joints Snaptex - Internal corners Snaptex - System 13 Snaptex - System 25 Snaptex - Circular cavity
Sonacoustic Download PDF
Sonaris Perforated Laminates Download PDF
Sonaspray™ Download PDF
Sonatex Laminate Finishes Download PDF Sonatex Colours
Sonawood™ Download PDF
Triton Avant 15 Download PDF
Triton Baffle Beam™ / Panel Download PDF Baffle Beam - Hanging Options
Triton Ceiling Panels Range Triton - 30mm services cavity Triton - double tee, furring channel Triton- Island with exposed grid Triton - Recessed downlight Triton - Wall panel cover join options Triton - flush ceiling join Triton - raking ceiling detail Triton - penetration & services Triton - Direct fix Triton - Hip Roof Junction Triton - insulated roof lining Triton Concrete Double Tee Triton Concrete Double Tee - Hanger Wire
Triton Cloud Download PDF Triton Cloud SR - direct fix detail options Triton Cloud SR - Standard detail Triton Cloud - spiral anchor hanger kit Triton Cloud SR - Wall Fix detail
Triton Defender 50 Download PDF Defender 50 - Flush edge Defender 50 - Join detail options Defender 50 - Mounting detail Defender 50 - Security
Triton Duo™ 35 Download PDF Triton Duo - direct fix Triton Duo - CLW190 clip Triton Duo - standard section Triton Duo - 1200x600
Triton Duo™ 60 Download PDF
Triton Fabwall Download PDF Fabwall Fl joint detail options Fabwall Fl penetrations Fabwall Fl floor mounting detail Fabwall frameless mounting detail Fabwall Fl framed direct fixed options Fabwall Fl - head & sill details Fabwall Fl- wall mounting detail Fabwall Fl- external corner
Triton Hygiene 25 Download PDF Triton - 30mm services cavity Triton - Island with exposed grid Triton - Recessed downlight Triton - flush ceiling join Triton - raking ceiling detail Triton - penetration & services detail Triton - Direct fix Triton - raking ceiling detail Triton Concrete Double Tee
Triton Pool Panel Download PDF Triton Pool Panel - Standard detail Triton Pool Panel - Fixing method Triton Pool Panel - Fixing brackets
Triton Sports 40 Download PDF Triton Sport - purlin CL50 Clip fixing Triton Sport - purlin strap fixing Triton Sport - ridge detail Triton Sport - wire hold down clip Triton Sport - direct fix over solid ceiling Triton Sport panel in grid with clip Triton Sport - 2400x600+ hold down clips Triton Sport - wall panels Triton Sport - direct fix Triton Sport - suspended section
Triton Trio 85 Download PDF
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