OWA Sinfonia Balance™

OWA Sinfonia Balance™

OWA Sinfonia Balance™ is a 20mm thick fleece covered mineral fibre acoustic ceiling panel designed to provide a balanced acoustic performance with NRC 0.80 and CAC 37. OWA Sinfonia Balance™ offers a cost-effective solution for general offices with high quality, plain white fleece surface.


OWA Sinfonia Balance™ with an attractive yet subtle appearance that can look good in conference rooms and auditoria as well as more functional areas like offices, shops, corridors, and foyers.


20mm thick wet felt mineral fibre ceiling panel with a smooth white fleece facing

Balanced acoustic performance for general and open plan office spaces.
Durable mineral fibre ceiling panel. Fire rating 1-S.
Fine plain finish & high light reflectance.
Made in Germany for quality assured performance.
High sound absorption, NRC 0.80.
CAC 37 for attenuation of plenum and room to room noise.
Easy to trim and install.


OWA Sinfonia Balance™ Datasheet
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