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Quicklock™ is a site built stretched fabric system designed to provide a decorative acoustic finish to walls and ceilings. Fabric is friction fitted to the Quicklock track and mounted over 15, 25 or 50 mm thick Polyfon™ or Sonaboard™ sound absorbing panels to meet project acoustic requirements. A wide range of screen fabric finishes are available.
Quicklock™ is specifically designed to meet the DQLS recommendation for 20% wall coverage at NRC 0.85 for classrooms, flexible learning spaces. Also ideal for meeting rooms, video conference rooms and corporate offices.
Fabric finish, Polyfon or Sonaboard sound absorber panel, Quicklock QL15, QL25™ or Quicklock QL50™ fabric track.
Attractive range of fabric finishes in 160, 170 or 188 cm widths which allows for large panel layouts, rail-road horizontal or vertical panel seams.
Installs fast to save construction time and labour costs.
Ideal for concave or convex walls to eliminate sound reflection.
Built on site by our registered installers.
For acoustic control a 25 or 50 mm high sound absorbing panel is fitted under the fabric. NRC 0.75 - 0.85.
Unique profiles for perfect fabric tension and grip, easy to replace damaged fabric.
CPA Board can span over level 1 plastered board joins saving costs.
Long run panels up to 30 meters without joins.
Two stage construction means early install in program with finishing fabric added just prior to hand over.


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Asona Quicklock™ Datasheet
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