• Beca AKLD reception area, showing the installed Snaptex wall in green textured fabric
    BECA AKLD - - Snaptex stretched fabric system
  • Sugar Club - Snaptex stretched fabric system
    Sugar Club - Snaptex stretched fabric system
  • MIT Manukau showing installed Snaptex installed on large sliding doors in digitally printed fabric
    MIT Manukau - - Snaptex stretched fabric system
  • ASB North Wharf HQ showing installed curved Snaptex paneled media rooms in lime coloured fabric
    ASB North Wharf HQ - - Snaptex stretched fabric system
  • Genesis HQ showing Snaptex installed to flowing curved walls in aqua digitally printed fabric
    Genesis HQ - - Snaptex stretched fabric system

Snaptex™ is a site built stretched fabric wall and ceiling system available in a wide range of decorative finishes. Panels can be large with sewn seams or panelized with expressed negative detail in square, round or bevel edges. For acoustic control a 25 or 50mm high density glass fibre absorber panel is fitted under the fabric. NRC 0.75 - 1.00


Snaptex™ helps create unique up-scale interiors, ideal for noise control in board rooms, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, music rooms, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities.


Snaptex™ system comprises Snaptex fabric tensioning track fixed to the wall, 25 or 50 mm thick fire resistant glass fibre board with impact resistant Sonatex 250 acoustic facer for a firm feel under fabric. Finished with a decorative fabric stretched taut with Snaptex track.

A wide range of fabric finishes available.
Unique hinged interlocking jaws for perfect fabric tension and grip, easily re-opened for fabric maintenance.
High sound absorption - NRC 0.75 – 1.00.
Ideal for concave or convex walls to eliminate sound reflection.
Long run panels up to 30 meters without joins.
Square, bevel or reveal edge details.
Highly adaptable for the construction of tailored acoustical panels, square, trapezoid, triangular, rectangular, curved & negative details.
Installed by our highly trained professional fixers.
Sonatex impact or padded interlayer options available.

Technical Drawings

Snaptex - Curved wall detail
Snaptex - Internal corner detail
Snaptex - Negative join detail
Snaptex - System 13 standard section
Snaptex - System 25, expressed negative detail
Snaptex - System 50, pencil line join detail
Snaptex - System 25 penetrations
Snaptex - external corner detail
Snaptex - external corners
Snaptex - Horizontal Joints
Snaptex - System 13
Snaptex - System 25
Snaptex - Circular cavity


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Asona Snaptex™ Datasheet
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