Tecsound® FT55

Tecsound® FT55

TecSound® FT55 is a 5kg/m2 acoustic pipe lagging with 10mm thick felt. For 100mm+ pipes.

  • New construction, refurbishment work, apartments, cinemas, theatres, sports complexes, night clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres.
  • Residential or commercial buildings where liquids are moved via pipes through walls or floor/ceiling voids
  • Soundproofing of all types of pipes and ducts: PVC, metal.
  • Airborne noise insulation in ceilings and vertical surfaces

TECSOUND® FT is a soundproofing combination made from a porous felt bonded to a Tecsound membrane.

Felt backed mass loaded barrier
Acoustic insulation insertion loss of airborne noise 14dB
Easy handling and application
Join edges with BAND 5kg/m2 mass loaded self-adhesive tape
Excellent aging, durability and rot-proof


TECSOUND® FT55 Datasheet
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