Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel™

  • Sir Paul Reeves Building, Auckland Campus showing a detail of Stratopanel in Random pattern installed on the a mezzanine ceiling
    Sir Paul Reeves Building, Auckland Campus - Stratopanel
  • NZME Reception-Stratopanel™
Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel™

Asona supplies Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel™ perforated gypsum acoustic sheet lining.

Stratopanel™ 8/15/20 is a random perforated plasterboard lining designed to create a monolithic, seamless, acoustic ceiling without unsightly borders or obvious pattern repeat.

Stratopanel™ incorporates Cleaneo™ air purification technology for control of VOC’s.



Stratopanel™ is an ideal perforated lining to control noise reverberation in office, meeting rooms, libraries, hotels, malls, hospitals, hospitality, retail and civic buildings.

Panels manufactured from paper faced high grade reinforced gypsum with machined UFF edge and sound absorption felt fixed on the back.
8/15/20 mm random perforations with UFF edges for a monolithic seamless look.
Good sound absorption for control of reverberation.
Fire resistant gypsum composition, Group 1S fire rating.
Cleaneo™ air purification technology for control of VOC’s.
Durable long lasting acoustic finish.
Surface may be repainted without loss of acoustics for long term maintenance.

Technical Drawings

REVO Access Hatches
Stratopanel/Solopanel Installation Guide
Stratopanel/Solopanel - 001 Perimeter Solution
Stratopanel/Solopanel - 002 Expansion Joints
Stratopanel/Solopanel - 003 Wall Connection
Designpanel - globe perforation
Designpanel - micro perforation
Designpanel - quad perforation
Designpanel - tangent perforation
Designpanel - Regular Frieze
Designpanel - 1 Layer Furring
Designpanel - Cross Furring


Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel™ Datasheet
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