Triton Baffle Beam™

  • Media Works reception area showing white linear Baffle beams installed in exposed conduit ceiling plan
    Media Works, CHCH - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Devonport Library - Baffle Beams
    Devonport Library - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Hobsonville Point intermediate entrance Atrium showing white continiuos Baffle Beams direct fixed to ceiling
    Hobsonville Secondary School Atrium - Triton Baffle Beam
  • St Heliers Bistro showing black Baffle Beams installed to a black ceiling
    St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro - Triton Baffle Beam
  • Baffle Beams wrapped in Tasman Oak wood print Sonatex installed in a coffer over a kitchen area
    Triton Baffle Beams wrapped in wood print Sonatex
  • Devonport Library showing white baffle beams installed onto an undulating ceiling feature
    Devonport Library - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Marshland Medical Centre showing white direct fixed Baffle Panels
    Marshland Medical Centre, CHCH - Triton Baffle Panel
Triton Baffle Beam™

Triton Baffle Beam™ is a made in NZ high sound absorbing ceiling system designed to provide an attractive linear aesthetic and to control unwanted noise. Triton Baffle Beams are available in a range of sizes, decorative finishes and three mounting systems for direct fix or suspended use. 


Baffle Beams™ are ideal for corporate offices, corridors, showrooms, hospitality, retail and public spaces.
Non combustible glass wool acoustic core with Sonatex™ laminate to 5 sides, fixing channel from galvanised steel.
Long beam design with folded Sonatex finish provides a clean linear look to interiors.
Narrow or wide Beam options, 25, 40, 45, 50, 75 & 100 mm.
Available mat white, black, grey, woodgrain, standard colours and digital print.
Three mounting systems allow for direct fix to a solid lining or fixed to two different suspended sub-frame options.
GreenTag Certified / Level A
High sound absorption rating for control of reverberation.
Light weight for seismic design and dimensionally stable, will not warp or twist with humidity.
Made in NZ, short lead times including replacement parts.
Allows for airflow and flexible lighting arrangements.

Technical Drawings

Baffle Panel - Hanging Options


Sonatex Laminate Finishes


Triton Baffle Beam™ (VG) Datasheet
Triton Baffle Beam™ Datasheet
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