Fabric Selection

  • ASB regional centers under the stairs seating alcove with Snaptex stretched fabric system
    Alcove seating in Vivid's Ranger- Maverick fabric
  • close-up of suspended fabric covered circular cloud panels
    Triton Cloud Circles in Vivid's Beehive fabric
  • close-up of suspended fabric covered rhomboid cloud panels
    Triton Sound Shapes in Vivid's Alloy fabric
  • Close-up of Greenlane eye clinic's rectangular fabric covers direct fixed fabwall panels
    Triton Fabwall in Materialised -Kids Linen fabric
  • Close-up of Beca AKL Snaptex stretched fabric wall
    Snaptex in Vivid's Sense fabric
  • Greenlane eye clinic rectangular fabric cover direct fixed fabwall panels
    Triton Fabwall in Materialised -Kids Linen fabric
Fabric Selection
Asona has selected a range of fabrics from leading fabric suppliers that works acoustically well with its Triton Cloud, Fabwall, Snaptex and Quicklock range of products. You can view and download the Fabric Shade Cards from our Technical Library section. More fabrics are available upon request, or we can work with your specified fabrics provided they meet the acoustic requirements of the project. Handy tip: hold the fabric to your mouth and breathe out, if you can feel your breath coming through then the fabric will work on an acoustic panel.
The selected fabric ranges have been chosen because they work acoustically well with Asona's Triton Cloud, Snaptex, Quicklock and Fabwall panels.
Fabrics range from wool through to polyester defendant on effect and fire group requirements. Please note that the colour samples displayed are digitally reproduced and may not accurately depict the actual colours. Reproduction of actual colour is limited by the printing process and by your display monitor. Sample requests for selected colours are therefore recommended- lead times will apply.
Recommended Fabric Ranges
Textilia Range: Fiesta, Quantum, Momentum, Artisan, Bungee/Mac
Vivid Range: Feel
Rim Range: Trilogy
Woven Image Range: Airport
Laine Range: Suzette, and New Aquarius
Asona: Kurawall


Textilia - Quantum Shade Card
Textilia - Fiesta Shade Card
Textilia - Bond Shade Card
Textilia - Camira/Era Shade Card
Textilia - Camira/Blazer Lite Shade Card
Textilia - Momentum Shade Card
Vivid Textiles - Feel Shade Card
Laine - Suzette Shade Card
Laine - New Aquarius Shade Card
Asona - Kurawall Shade Card
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