Knauf-Danoline Belgravia™

  • Haeata College with Belgravia tiles.
Knauf-Danoline Belgravia™

Belgravia™ is an imported perforated plasterboard ceiling tile with machine routed rebated edge detail to suit Rondo Donn DX® 24mm exposed grid systems. Panels are pre-finished white with acoustic tissue backer and provide an attractive perforated texture to ceilings. Available to indent in Tangent 14 x 4mm oval, Micro 3 x 3 mm square, Quadril 12 x 12 mm square and Globe 6 mm Ø perforations or non-perforated for borders. Panels incorporate Cleaneo™, air purification technology. 


Belgravia™ is ideal for general suspended accessible ceilings in offices, civic, retail, education, hospitality etc.


Panels manufactured from reinforced plasterboard incorporating Cleaneo™ technology, with a latex paint finish, machine formed rebated edge with an acoustic tissue backer

4 x perforation designs and 1 x plain panel option.
Fire Group 1-S
Durable fire-resistant gypsum composition for long life.
Non mineral fibre based acoustic ceiling solution for a healthy comfortable indoor environment
Excellent sound absorption at important 250– 2000 Hz speech frequencies for comfort and communication.
Machined reveal edge detail.
Cleaneo™ technology improves indoor air quality.


Knauf-Danoline Belgravia™ Datasheet
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