Triton™ Ceiling Panels Range

  • Wellsford Memorial Library - Triton™25
    Wellsford Memorial Library - Triton™25
  • Motat - Triton™ 50 Black
  • Hobsonville Teaching Space - Triton™ 25
    Hobsonville Teaching Space - Triton™ 25
  • Wellsford Memorial Library - Triton™ 25
    Wellsford Memorial Library - Triton™ 25
  • Seeka 360 - Triton™50 + Top-Hat Channel
    Seeka 360 - Triton™ 50 + Top-Hat Channel
  • Community Hall - Triton™ 50
    Community Hall - Triton™ 50
  • Hobsonville Point Music Room - Triton™ 25 Black
    Hobsonville Point Music Room - Triton™ 25 Black
Triton™ Ceiling Panels Range
The Triton™ standard 25 - 100mm ceiling panel range is a made in New Zealand from ISO class A, high sound absorbing glass fibre ceiling panels finished with white or coloured Sonatex™ or Sonaris™ perforated composite glass mat acoustic facing. The panels lay onto a standard T24 grid with matching tissue finish. Panel thicknesses range from 25 mm to 100 mm (Download Datasheets below)
The Triton™ standard ceiling panel range is ideal for use in open plan offices, schools, call centres, libraries and other applications that require control of background noise levels and reverberation times.
Manufactured from 48 kg/m³ bio-soluble glass fibre board faced with dual layer Sonatex™ glass mat composite sheet in either mat white or black, other colours available to order. Suspension grid from galvanised steel. Made in NZ.
Ideal for classrooms, libraries, and open plan offices.
Durable and resilient Sonatex™ facer resists damage from moderate impact; chip, crack & puncture resistant.
GreenTag Certified / Level A
Available in a range of decorative acoustic finishes from white or black Sonatex™, colours, prints and in Sonaris™ perforated laminates.
Very high sound absorption, Class A, αW 1.0, NRC 0.85 - 1.00
1200 x 1200, 2400 x 600, 1200 x 600, 600 x 600 mm module.
Available in thicknesses: 25, 30HD, 50, 50HD, 75, 100 mm
Made in New Zealand

Technical Drawings

Triton™ -Direct Fix
Triton™ - 30mm Services Cavity
Triton™- Concrete Double tees
Triton™ - Double Tees, Furring Channel
Triton™ - Recessed downlight
Triton™ - Wall Panel Cover Join Options
Triton™ - Raking Ceiling, Long Section
Triton™ - Hip Roof Junction
Triton™ - Apex Ceiling
Triton™ - Raking Ceiling
Triton™- Insulated Roof Lining


Sonatex Colour Finishes
Sonaris Perforation Patterns


Triton™ 25 Datasheet
Triton™ 30 HD Datasheet
Triton™ 50 Datasheet
Triton™ 75 Datasheet
Triton™ 100 Datasheet
Triton™ 50HD Datasheet
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